Of all colouring methods, bleaching is potentially the most damaging, and therefore should ideally always be done by a professional. It’s impossible to make your hair a lighter shade without the help of a bleaching agent – AKA ‘oxidizing agents’; These agents penetrate the cuticle and dissolve melanin resulting in a lighter color. Hydrogen peroxide is the most commonly used bleaching agent and, with repeated use, can permanently raise the cuticle scales causing hair to feel dry, brittle, and damaged.

At Deluxe, we specialize in blonding and take your hair there the safest way possible. Imagine if you could lift the hair safely, without the use of volatile peroxides that blow out the hair cuticle. At Deluxe, we have replaced all peroxides with a kelp-based catalyst that virtually eliminates cuticle damage, and gently lifts the hair (about 50% faster) to your desired shade. We use it in all color services, including your lightener, at no extra cost to you. It’s faster, gentler, and leaves your hair looking beautiful and feeling softer and stronger than before. There’s nothing else like it. You can finally achieve that lighter color of your dreams without compromising the feel of your hair!