Blowout -

Hair is shampooed and the styled using a blow-dryer and/or heat-styling tool.



Hair is swept up and fastened away from the face and neck.


Single Process

The application of color to either a)the entire band of new growth (uncolored hair), or b) the entire head (including the mid-shaft and ends). 


Color Gloss and Toner -

Glosses add shine to lackluster hair and can blend out grays. They generally require less commitment than permanent hair-color and last 3-4 weeks. Toners are used to neutralize unwanted tones in the hair and rejuvenate dull highlights. 


Double Process

Think Gwen Stefani and Marilyn Monroe.This is a time intensive service that takes all of the hair to a pale blonde shade. All-Over Lightener is the first step in the blonding journey. A toner ensures an excellent shade of blonde. An in-house consultation is needed to determine duration and price.


Highlights -

Selected sections of the hair are lightened to frame the face, add contrast to your color, or to lend more dimension to your haircut. We do this with either foils or hand painting (balayage). A partial highlight service lightens a portion of the head Sections are usually focused around the face and crown. Full highlights  encompass your entire head including the nape.



A technique for highlighting the hair in which the dye is hand-painted onto strands of hair to create a graduated, natural-looking effect. Comber is considered a combination of foils and balayage. 


Brazilian Blowout

Smoothing Treatment helps revitalize and rejuvenate hair your frizzy, coarse or chemically treated hair. Leaves hair smooth and full of shine. Protects your hair from breakage and dulling. Creates a smooth surface that always looks and feels soft to the touch. Enhances your hairs natural shine and elasticity.



Olaplex dramatically eliminates breakage from chemical services and leaves hair feeling amazing. It's simple to use, completely safe, and worth every penny.